Applications of computers

Applications of computers. Today computers find widespread applications in all activities of the modern world. Some of the major application areas include:

  • Scientific, Engineering and Research: 
    • This is the major area where computers find vast applications.
    • They are used in areas which require lot of experiments, mathematical calculations, weather forecasting, and complex mathematical and engineering applications.
    • Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) help in designing robotics, automobile manufacturing, automatic process control devices etc.
  • Business: 
    • Record keeping, budgets, reports, inventory, payroll, invoicing, accounts are all the areas of business and industry where computers are used to a great extent.
    • Database management is one of the major area where computers are used on a large scale.
    • The areas of application here include banking, airline reservations, etc. where large amounts of data need to be updated, edited, sorted, searched from large databases.
  • Medicine:
    •  Computerized systems are now in widespread use in monitoring patient data like , pulse rate, blood pressure etc. resulting in faster and accurate diagnosis.
    • Modern day medical equipment are highly computerized today. Computers are also widely used in medical research.
  • Information:
    •  This isthe age of information. Television, Satellite communication, Internet, networks are all based on computers.
  • Education: 
    • The use of computers in education is increasing day by day.
    • The students develop the habit of thinking more logically and are able to formulate problem solving techniques.
    • CDs on a variety of subjects are available to impart education. On line training programs for students are also becoming popular day by day.
    • All the major encyclopedias, dictionaries and books are now available in the digital form and therefore are easily accessible to the student of today.
    • Creativity in drawing, painting, designing, decoration, music etc. can be well developed with computers.
  • Games and Entertainment: 
    • Computer games are popular with children and adults alike. Computers are nowadays also used in entertainment areas like movies, sports, advertising etc.

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