Characteristics of computer

Characteristics of computer are: Speed, accuracy, diligence, storage capability and versatility are some of the key characteristics of a computer. A brief overview of these characteristics are


  • The computer can process data very fast, at the rate of millions of instructions per second.
  • Some calculations that would have taken hours and days to complete otherwise, can be completed in a few seconds using the computer.
  • For example, calculation and generation of salary slips of thousands of employees of an organization, weather forecasting that requires analysis of a large amount of data related to temperature, pressure and humidity of various places, etc.


  • Computer provides a high degree of accuracy.
  • For example, the computer can accurately give the result of division of any two numbers up to 10 decimal places.


  • When used for a longer period of time, the computer does not get tired or fatigued.
  • It can perform long and complex calculations with the same speed and accuracy from the start till the end.

Storage Capability:

  • Large volumes of data and information can be stored in the computer and also retrieved whenever required.
  • A limited amount of data can be stored, temporarily, in the primary memory.
  • Secondary storage devices like floppy disk and compact disk can store a large amount of data permanently.


  • Computer is versatile in nature. It can perform different types of tasks with the same ease.
  • At one moment you can use the computer to prepare a letter document and in the next moment you may play music or print a document.
  • Computers have several limitations too. Computer can only perform tasks that it has been programmed to do.