how to start web development ?

  • As an experienced developer I m going to tell you how i started building carrier in web development.
  • So as we all go through college and basically what we learn is two,three languages like C,java, advanced java , android and like these.
  • Till in this phase of learning very few people know what to do and what not to do to become a great developer.
  • As same like others I started learning C and started competitive programming also.
  • I have participated in many competitive programming competitions I have also won 3 competition but this doesn't help me in web development but it helps to build logic and way of thinking to solve programming problems.
  • After this I started learning java then I started building apps in android but suddenly some strange thing happens I met with someone after that my world changes no it was no girl actually lol if you are thinking so.
  • I met with that language whom I misunderstood most.I met with JAVASCRIPT.So I started learning JavaScript. So why JavaScript for web development ?
  • When you have other options like PHP, laravel ,ruby on rails? The reason is simply JavaScript is everywhere weather there is an app, website, blockchain website or anything.
  • JavaScript was first used as a client side but nowadays it's working with server side with JavaScript you can learn client side as well as server side also simply means (Frontend+backend)=Full stack developer.

Web develop

So in order to start carrier in web development with JavaScript:-

  1. Start learning JavaScript .There are lot of resources for learning js choose whatever suits you more.
  2. Learn AngularJS,angular 2, and so on . Angular is frontend framework which is used for developing Frontend application based on model,view and controller.
  3. Learn node js which is a run-time environment based on Google Chrome V8 engine.By this you can easily interact with server and easily connect with any databases like SQL,postgressql,mongoDB , Casandra,neo4j,mariadb, redis and lot more.
  4. React js is also an front-end framework just like AngularJS. But there is lot of difference between react js and AngularJS.
  5. Ionic is a framework by using you can develop hybrid application.Hybrid application simply means a bunch of line of codes which can be used for iOS as well as for Android also.

So here is the little bit introduction about JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks. If you want more posts like this and if you have suggestions regarding this post or any questions feel free to message.