Programming rules in c

A programmer while writing a program should follow the following rules.

  • All Statements should be written in lower case letters.
  • Upper case letters are only used for symbolic constants.
  • Blank spaces may be inserted between the words.
  • This improves the readability of the statements. However, it is not used while declaring a variable, keyword, constant and functions.
  • It is not necessary to fix the position of statement in the program, i.e. the programmer can write the statement anywhere between the two braces following the declaration part.
  • The user can also write one or more statements in one line separating them with semicolon (;). Hence, it is often called a free-form language.
  • The following statements are valid.
    a=b+c; d=b*c;
  • The opening and closing braces should be balanced, i.e. if opening braces are four, then closing braces should also be four.