How to study C language programming

  • C is a structured programming language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1973 at Bell Laboratories.
  • It is one of the most popular computer languages today because of its structure, high-level abstraction, machine independent feature etc..
  • C language has evolved from three different structured language ALGOL, BCPL and B Language.
  • It uses many concepts from these languages while introduced many new concepts such as datatypes, struct, pointer etc.
  • In 1988, the language was formalised by American National Standard Institute(ANSI).
  • In 1990, a version of C language was approved by the International Standard Organisation(ISO) and that version of C is also referred to as C89.
  • The idea behind creating C language was to create an easy language which requires a simple compiler and enables programmers to efficiently interact with the machine/system, just like machine instructions.

Applications of C language

Mainly C Language is used for Develop Desktop application and system software. Some application of C language are given below.

  • Used to develop softwares that control embedded systems. Examples of some embedded systems are washing machine, microwave oven, etc.
  • For creating computer applications.
  • UNIX operating system is developed in C language.
  • C programming language can be used to design the system software like operating system and Compiler.
  • For Creating Compilers of different Languages which can take input from other language and convert it into lower level machine dependent language.
  • C programming language can be used to design Network Devices.
  • To evaluate any kind of mathematical equation use c language.