C++ Program

Object:-C++ Program to convert first letter of each word of a string to uppercase and other to lowercase


void main() { clrscr(); int i; char a[30]; cout<<“Enter a string:”; gets(a); for(i=0;a[i]!=’’;++i) { if(i==0) { if(islower(a[i])) a[i]=toupper(a[i]); } else { if(a[i]!=’ ‘) { if(isupper(a[i])) a[i]=tolower(a[i]); } else { i++; if(islower(a[i])) a[i]=toupper(a[i]); } } } cout<<“nnNew string is: “<<a; getch(); }


Enter a string: CseWorld ONLINE
New string is CseWorld online



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