Write a Program to find the frequency of characters

#include <stdio.h>
int main()
   char str[1000], ch;
   int i, frequency = 0;
   printf("Enter a string: ");
   printf("Enter a character to find the frequency: ");
   for(i = 0; str[i] != ''; ++i)
    if(ch == str[i])
   printf("Frequency of %c = %d", ch, frequency);
   return 0;


Enter a string: CseWorldOnline
Enter a character to find the frequency: e
Frequency of e = 2


  • In this program, the string entered by the user is stored in variable str.
  • Then, the user is asked to enter the character whose frequency is to be found. This is stored in variable ch.
  • Now, using the for loop, each character in the string is checked for the entered character.
  • If, the character is found, the frequency is increased. If not, the loop continues.
  • Finally, the frequency is printed.